About Us

Solupac was created in 2004 with the purpose of contributing to an industry that needed to fulfill a market gap. Linked with our parent company TRADEPRO INC, we´ve managed to create awareness and work towards the circular economy. Since then, our company, formerly Tradepro Products, has gained a leading reputation for its high-quality paper and plastic bags, packaging, and custom products.

Serving a clientele based in North America, Central America, and The Caribbean, we add value and cost savings to our supply chain partners by delivering a wide range of high-quality products that we manufacture in-house, including shopping bags, security bags, mailers, reusable bags, kraft paper bags, paper cone cups, bath tissue, industrial packaging, food packaging, and so much more.

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Parent Company

Tradepro Inc is a trusted and reliable plastic recycling partner that manages every aspect of the process from procurement to delivery, making the choice to go green, easy, and convenient, providing substantial raw material cost savings to the customers. After some years of building a strong presence on the market, we saw a great opportunity to contribute to the environment and focus on a CIRCULAR ECONOMY in which Tradepro´s customers could be developed as suppliers.